Dear Parents,
Our highchair for children is an important utensil for daily family life. Day after day they make it possible for our little ones to sit at the table with us at eye level. This is a piece of furniture which is subject to a lot of wear and tear, several times a day.
Unfortunately we have determined that under very unfavorable conditions or stress, with certain Herlag children’s highchairs in the Tipp-Topp and Tipp-Topp Comfort lines, the footrest can break. Your child could fall and injure her- or himself when climbing in or out.

We care very much about the safety of your children. Therefore we request that you inspect your Herlag children’s highchair here. With a bit of information we can ascertain whether your highchair is affected and – if necessary – indicate to you the appropriate solution. Please discontinue the use of affected models for the time being.


Is my model affected? Please click here.