Information for Our Customers

We make every effort to process your inquiry as quickly as possible. If you are still waiting for an answer, we respectfully ask that you have patience a little longer, so that we can dedicate ourselves to giving every single customer inquiry the time and attention that it deserves. We will respond as fast as possible to your inquiry.

In case we may possibly be able to answer your question in advance, we have made the following list of frequently asked questions with their answers:

With the serial- and article numbers we can ascertain whether your children’s highchair is affected and – if necessary – show you the appropriate solution. For that reason we ask you to inspect your Herlag children’s highchair here.

NOT affected are current Tipp-Topp and Tipp-Topp Comfort models with the following identi-fication codes in the serial number: Z200 to Z999 and A000 to A999 (see the type label on the backside of the chair).

Depending on technical design and year of construction, we offer the following service solu-tions: for newer models we can provide a replacement footrest; with older models that is im-possible due to a change in construction; in this case we offer our customers their choice of a replacement highchair at a special preferential price. You can determine the appropriate so-lution for your children’s highchair here. To do so we need only the serial- and article numbers of your children’s highchair, which can be found on the type label.

In the current models we have already changed the technical design of the children’s high-chair such that the mechanical strength of the footrest has been substantially increased. You can thus purchase a Herlag children’s highchair with no misgivings. We appreciate your trust in us and our products.

The safety of your children is very important to us. For that reason we ask you to inspect your Herlag children’s highchair here. When we have a little information we can determine whether your children’s highchair is affected and – if necessary – show you the appropriate solution. For the time being, please do not continue to use affected models, and pay attention to our security notice.

The footrest in the affected Herlag children’s highchairs, as delivered from the factory, safely holds 160 kg. We have repeatedly tested this. Consequently we assume that during assembly or with use of the children’s highchair, unfavorable stress and invisible previous weakening of the footrest can occur, which in rare cases can lead to breakage. This may be caused, for example, by unusually high weight loads and increased stress input if the footrest has been mounted a number of times on this adaptable children’s highchair.

We ask you not to repair affected children’s highchairs yourself; we offer our customers ap-propriate solutions for each of the various models, in order to prevent any safety risk. Please note that in these cases (e.g., self-initiated reinforcement of the footrest through attachment of underbeam slats) we can accept no responsibility.

Please understand that to the extent possible, everything which relates to the hazard warning is processed exclusively by ourselves. In this manner we can make sure that we recommend the appropriate solutions for the affected children’s highchairs and implement them promptly. In order to enable a smooth execution of this process please apply, in warranty claim cases as well, directly to our Customer Service department. We will be glad to help you.

If you should require assistance or wish to speak personally with a representative, you can reach our Customer Service department by telephone at +49 (29 38) 81 1188* (Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4 p.m.) or by e-mail at

* In Germany you can reach us at your customary fixed-network rates; for calls from foreign countries, the foreign price in your rates applies.